UNESCO Chair in the Religious Studies and the Comparative Study of World Religions

The UNESCO chair on religious studies and the comparative study of world religions, which is a part of the faculty of Islamic studies at the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan, is one of the 678 UNESCO departments established around the world and cooperates with the UNESCO International Organization.

The chair is specialized in preparing highly competent bachelors and masters, who can respond to modern religious and secular issues on religious study.

The department produces personnel in the following specialties:

5120600Religious Studies  bachelor’s degree

5A120602-“ Religious Studies Master’s degree

More than twenty academic disciplines teach in the department, such as:

  • Comparative religion;
  • Religious studies;
  • History of world religion;
  • Methods of teaching religion;
  • Primitive religions and mythology
  • Comparative study of religious texts

The chair are prepared highly qualified specialists who have mastered the principles of religious studies,  the history of Islam and philosophy who can solve theoretical and practical problems facing the state and public organizations, religious institutions.

In the direction of Religious Studies are prepared specialists on religions, to acquire the knowledge of the origin and the present state of religion, capable of conducting research on the comparative study of religions, defining the place of religion in the spiritual, political and social life, the essence of religious movements, to the spiritual and educational activities in fighting against religious extremism and terrorism.

The chair cooperates with International Islamic university of Malaysia, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia and leading chairs of Евразийского национального университета имени Гумилёва.

There are seventeen teacher-professors in the chair. Three of them are doctors, 5 candidates of science, 2 senior lecturers and 3 assistants.

The head of the Chair is candidate of historical sciences,  M.Alimova.

Contacts: Tel:71-244-96-53, 71-244-00-56