Student’s Scientific Community

In order to fulfill Resolution No. 28 of the meeting of the Council of the Rector of the International Islamic Academy of April 15, 2019, on April 23, 2019, the Third Conference of the Student Scientific Society was held at the Academy. The conference was opened by Z. Islomov, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations, where deans, heads of departments, professors-teachers and students took part. At the plenary meeting, 10 students and undergraduates in three languages made their presentations in Uzbek, Russian and English. 60 student and 56 master scientific reports were presented at the conference. The articles are classified in four directions:

  1. Religious studies and history (33);
  2. Islamic Studies and Source Studies (31);
  3. Psychology of religion (25);
  4. International Economic Relationship (27).

The collection of articles was published under the title “Intellectual generation – support of the future”. The conference was held at a high level and was widely reported on the Academy website.