Scientific Research and Innovative Projects Centre

The Center of Scientific Research and Innovative Projects of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan functions pursuing a goal to study Islam and culture, the history and ancient traditions of our Motherland, as well as the religious heritage of our ancestors, researching, publishing and disseminating their scientific resources, and to develop proposals and recommendations on scientific analysis of modern religious processes.

In order to study the rich religious heritage of our ancestors, to research their available scientific resources, brochures about the life and scientific heritage of the great scientists Imam Dorimi, Abu Lays Samarkandiy , Abu Hafs Nasafi, Imam Ustrushani who have made significant contributions to the development of Islamic culture, in particular tafsir, hadith, fiqh, tasawwuf and kalam are included to  the collection “Our great ancestors”, as well as a book titled “Ancestors of our Country” was published.

For the purpose of carrying out systematic analysis on a scientific bases and translating the works of our ancestors that have special place in the development of Islam and culture, in the collection of “Ma’rifat ziyosi” the book “Sunan” by Imam Dorimi which was included  in the collections of nine hadiths that was considered to be the most reliable by the scholars of Islam, was translated into Arabic and was published . The book “Tafakkur durdonalari” (The Pearls of Thought) which includes aphorisms concerning ethics, as well as the books “Rivoyatlar bustoni” (“The garden of Legends”) and “Tariqahs in  Globalization: Teaching and Methods, Analysis and Conclusions” were written.

The Center has developed documentary films as well as various publications, including books, manuals, and booklets intended for use by Mahalla counselors on religious and educational issues, otinoyi (female religious mentors), inspectors of prophylactics and local police officers, educators at penitentiaries, officers within the system of the Ministry of Defense, experts for work with individuals vulnerable to religious-extremist groups, as well as labor migrants. In order to avoid religious fanaticism, within the framework of the “Enlightenment against ignorance”, books and brochures under the titles “Spiritual-educational fundamentals of fighting against religious extremism and terrorism”, “Religious tolerance and fanaticism” (one hundred answers to one hundred questions), missionary activity: essence, goals, consequences and ways of preventing (one hundred answers to one hundred questions), “The evil hiding behind the genuineness”, “The ignorance net”, “The Trap of Disaster”, “The Despicable Callers”, “The Non-Islam community”, “Religious fanaticism: essence, goals and ways of preventing”, “The garden of education: guidelines for religious and spiritual-moral education cancellors”, “Extremist and Terrorist Associations under the mask of Islam (Collection of information) , as well as the booklets “Religious extremism – a threat to the future”, “Information attacks under religious disguise”, “Be careful -” sect” were published.

In the framework of modern researches, the textbook “Psychology of Religion”, the encyclopedia dictionary of “Islamic Studies”, the Glossary of Globalization and Religious Processes, the Glossary of the “Terms of Sufism”, and the books “Religious Tolerance as Socio-Psychological Phenomena”, “Islamic Education and Modernity” have been published.

The conceptual conclusions of the research, theoretical and practical developments and the published works are being implemented in ensuring the effectiveness of spiritual-enlightenment propaganda, the development of effective methods of disclosing religious fanaticism, extremism and terrorism, educating the younger generation in the spirit of respect for national and religious values, propaganda acts in governmental and public organizations, educational seminars, roundtable discussions.

The results of the research are being used in teaching such subjects as “Spiritual-Enlightenment Bases of Religious Extremism and Terrorism”, “Fundamentals of Religious Studies” at higher educational institutions vocational colleges and academic lyceums, in educational process of religious educational institutions under the authority of the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan as well as the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan in teaching the subjects “Islamic History”,” Quran Studies”, “Hadith Studies”, “Sufism”, “Islam and Modernity”, “Currents and Sects in Religions”, “Culture of Information Consumption”, “Islamic Source Studies”, ” Philosophy of Religion”, “Sociopsychology of Religion”, “Psychology of Religion”.

Director of the Centre

Babadjanov Bakhtiyar Miraimovich

Phone: (71) 244 19 33


Senior researcher

Alimov Ahmad Usmanovich

Phone: (71) 244 19 33


Probationer researcher

Akbarov Zaydulla Mukhtar Ugli

Phone: (71) 244 19 33