Department of marketing, development of a portfolio of orders, employment and monitoring of graduates of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan

The department operates on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Law on Education, the National Training Program, Decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the provision of competitive personnel in the economic sector, the applicable Labor Code, relevant legislative and legal acts.

The goal of theDepartment

Organization and control of corporate agreements on cooperation with organizations in the provision of advertising information, employment of graduates, as well as the timely preparation of educational services to a new level.

Department functions

Analysis of changes in the market of personnel services for bachelor and master programs of the Academy of Economics and Social Sector of the Republic, as well as the definition of new directions of development. Employment for graduates of undergraduate and graduate specialties. Formulation of the current and future “order book” for state grants and payment contracts. Creation of an employment commission for academic commitments of graduates of the Academy, development and final distribution of graduate distribution plans and coverage of full employment of graduates.

Preparation of an information base including a description of the rating and qualifications of each graduate of the undergraduate degree and the Master’s degree specialty of the Academy, as well as the results of a survey of graduates’ questionnaires for further employment and the results of the employers information base on the conditions and salaries of their company and organization.

Personnel training, employment, establishment of business contacts with enterprises and organizations working on the basis of a corporate partnership agreement. The Academy restores regular contacts with young specialists (by opening a separate page on the Academy’s website), providing them with practical and methodological assistance, as well as advising them and summing up.

Ensuring the participation of students and graduates at international exhibitions, fairs, scientific circles, representatives of departments of the Academy of Labor and Social Protection, Chamber of Commerce, agencies, foreign organizations operating in our country, reliable representatives of enterprises and firms, fair days and vacancies.