Gifted Students

Sector for the organization of research activities of gifted students of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan

The research sector of gifted students is an organizational center for identifying talented students in the academy, attracting them to research activities and coordinating their activities. The sector identifies and selects talented students with the help of departments and deans, directs their interests to research areas and takes an active part in creating the necessary conditions for this. The sector attracts talented students and contributes to their full participation in the advanced research work conducted by the faculty of the Academy.

Gifted students establish scientific links with other research centers and institutes in the country and abroad.

The tasks of the research sector of gifted students are as follows:

  • identification of gifted students with their academic and professional interests, the organization of their targeted training;
  • organization of the implementation of the activities of gifted students in collaboration with the activities of the student scientific community;
  • periodically identify the intellectual potential of gifted students in collaboration with the board of the Academy;
  • ensuring the participation of gifted students in scientific conferences, seminars, competitions held in the republic and abroad;
  • recommendations on state scholarships of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Foundation of the Union of Youth, grants of foreign foundations and scholarships;
  • assists in printing and implementation of scientific works and developments of gifted students.