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We aim to give anyone who will benefit from studying with us an opportunity to do so. Learn more about our courses, how much it costs, and how to apply. We look forward to welcoming you to the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan.

No Exams

Only Interview

Tuition Fee: from $2,500 to $3,000

Classes in Russian & English or Uzbek

How to Apply

Here, youʼll find information on eligibility, how to submit your application, and how to get help.


Application checklist

  • Application
  • Photocopy of Your Passport
  • Certificate of Education
  • Student Medical Certificate

Once you are ready to apply, follow the steps below.

Apply for a course via its dedicated course page. You can also apply to study our modules individually in many cases.

Remember to attach any evidence or documents we need and pay any application fee (if itʼs relevant to the course you are applying for). We wonʼt be able to process your application fully until we have received everything we need.

To apply for your prior learning to be accredited, please complete the relevant section on the application form.

We acknowledge your application by email within 72 hours. This includes a student reference number in case you need to contact us about your application. From then, we aim to respond within five working days.

Want to learn more before applying?

After answering a few short questions, weʼll be able to help you find out if youʼre qualified to apply and give you more information about the degree program.

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Ready to start your application?

Admission process already started on January 13th, 2019

Early Admission:

When you apply, we’ll have time to manage your travel and visa process. Once you’re accepted, you will begin your study from September 3, 2019!

Final Deadline:

Application process will be finished on August 30th, 2019